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    SHIFFT Guidance (EN): How to accelerate the heat transition: a guide for local government and actors

    This document is one of a four-part guide on how to accelerate the heat transition in cities. 

    Module 1 in this series is concerned with the role of communities and the need for citizen engagement and a co-creation process which can ensure that community views are a central part of any municipal planning for the shift to zero carbon heating. 

    Module 2 covers the range of financial instruments and their application.

    Module 3 focuses on city heat strategies, regulation, and other non-financial policy instruments.

    Module 4 addresses the technologies and technical choices for the heat transition in cities.

    Module 1

    Co-creation for sustainable heating and stakeholder engagement


    Module 2

    Financial policy instruments for sustainable heating


    Module 3

    Non-financial policy tools city for sustainable heating:  strategies, regulation and support


    Module 4

    Technology choices, data, and mapping for sustainable heating