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CD2E adopt a different approach to co-creation….Sustainable heat: how can social housing organisations be involved?

Sustainable heat: how can social housing organisations be involved? CD2E leads a co-creation project to install sustainable heat in the form of solar thermal in collective social housing in Northern France. Appetite from Social Housing Organisations (SHOs) has proven low so far. Out of the 8 organisations we aim to[...]

Posted September 27, 2021

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SHIFFT Webinar : Applying co-creation for inclusive decarbonisation of urban heating systems – (a cross border peer review session)

Click here to register… Applying Co-creation for Inclusive Decarbonisation of Urban Heat Systems The ‘SHIFFT’ (Sustainable Heat: Implementation of Fossil Free Technologies) Project invites you to participate in an interactive cross-border workshop to disseminate progress and receive feedback on our approach to the development of city heat strategies. We will[...]

Posted September 21, 2021

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Monitoring and evaluating co-creation – The view from TU Delft’s expert team.

  In transitions to sustainable heating, to replace gas, coal and oil as heating sources, guaranteeing a fair process matters as much as place, price and technology. As a recent study concluded, process-based factors may be more important in shaping attitudes towards sustainable energy systems than the actual distribution of[...]

Posted September 20, 2021

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