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    The Influence of Public Participation and Energy Justice on the Heating Transition in Mariahoeve, The Hague


    Here is another MSc thesis from SHIFFT partner Delft University of Technology that has several students completing Master’s thesis graduation projects in the field of sustainable heating transitions.

    This thesis (by Rutger Broer) addresses co-creation in the realm of energy justice and public participation at the district level. It presents an embedded case study of co-creation practices in the City of The Hague (The Netherlands). The Hague is well-known in the country for having established a municipal organization that supports citizen engagement and participation in the sustainable heating transition. The study, nonetheless reveals many challenges that the municipality encounters, and shows that energy justice issues and public values appear to be contested in various ways in the way the municipality deals with citizens. This thesis is most relevant to SHIFFT WP2.

    Thesis Rutget Broer