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    SHIFFT Guidance Module 2 : Financial policy instruments for sustainable heating


    This is an output of the EU Interreg 2 Seas funded project SHIFFT – Sustainable Heating: Implementation of Fossil Free Technologies. This module outlines financial policy instruments, describes good practice for their application and addresses a range of common challenges. Examples from cities taking part in the SHIFFT project and others are provided.

    SHIFFT targets the barriers and levers to growth of zero carbon heat in households and communities and this document aims to provide guidance as to how financial support can be effectively provided by cities to key stakeholders who may be influenced to install or promote zero carbon heating systems heat to households, neighbourhoods and other community buildings.

    This document is the second in a four-part guide on how to accelerate the heat transition in cities. Module one in this guide is concerned with the role of communities and the need for a co-creation process which can ensure that community views are a central part of any municipal planning for the shift to zero carbon heating. Module three focuses on city heat strategies, regulation, and other non-financial policy instruments. Module four addresses the technologies and technical choices for the heat transition in cities.

    SHIFFT Guidance Module 2 : Financial policy instruments for sustainable heating