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    SHIFFT Cross-Border Event: Role of cities & municipalities in the heat transition

    Posted January 18, 2021

    FREE online workshop on Tuesday 19th January 2021 from 2PM to 4.30PM (Central European Time).

    Registration link:

    This workshop aims to share the experiences, present the progress regarding the general strategy to move to low carbon heating for 4 small to medium sized municipalities . The city strategies are being made for the following cities:
    – Bruges (Belgium)
    – Fourmies (France)
    – Mechelen (Belgium)
    – Middelburg (Netherlands)

    The transition to sustainable heating for homes and community buildings is an immense, complex
    operation. It calls for thorough long-term planning and preparation by local authorities, builders,
    home-owners, etc. It requires robust, practice-tested tools and approaches for cities to mobilise,
    inform and facilitate local communities to make this change.

    SHIFFT aims to develop city heat strategies with four small to medium-sized municipalities, each of
    which will inform general guidance for cities to make their own strategies to move to low carbon
    heating. City strategies are being made for the Belgian cities of Bruges and Mechelen, the Dutch city
    of Middelburg and the French city of Fourmies. This online workshop will see these local authorities
    present their progress and ask for input based on your goals and experience.

    You will have the opportunity to connect with the local authorities, knowledge institutes and other
    organisations involved in the SHIFFT partnership and get to learn from their experiences and
    approach in the field of sustainable heating and cooling.

    Programme 19th January 2021 from 2PM to 4.30PM (Central European Time CET|UTC/GMT +1H):

    14:00     Setting the scene and introduction SHIFFT (Prof. Peter Connor, University of Exeter)
    14:15      Break-out rooms, session 1:
    Lies Debbaut, city of Bruges (BE), OR
    Ighor Van de Vyver, city of Mechelen (BE)
    15:15       Break-out rooms, session 2:
    Arpan Dutta, municipality of Fourmies (FR), OR
    Annet Hannewijk, municipality of Middelburg (NL)
    16:00     Closing keynote: Opportunities and challenges to unlock the heat transition (Tom
    Prinzie, Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen [Flanders Heat Network])