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    Heat Decarbonisation Cross-Border Workshop

    Posted March 1, 2022

    Heat Decarbonisation Cross-Border Workshop

    Monday 7th March 2022 at 1PM (UTC)

    If you have experience in the decarbonisation of city heat systems, we welcome your participation in the upcoming Heat Decarbonisation Cross-Border Workshop.

    The Heat Decarbonisation Cross-Border Workshop will be hosted by University of Exeter’s Peter Connor, Associate Professor in Sustainable Energy Policy with Calum Harvey-Scholes, Research Fellow.

    SHIFFT is an INTERREG 2 Seas project that is stimulating the adoption of low-carbon heating in existing residential and community buildings.

    The challenge of the transition to sustainable heating of homes and community buildings is shared by cities, communities, the housing sector and service providers in all 2 Seas countries. Individual actors cannot accelerate market adoption of sustainable heating techniques, but a strong cross-border partnership can.  The SHIFFT partnership includes all key sectors: local authorities (Brugge, Mechelen, Middelburg, Fourmies), housing corporation (Places for People, UK), social housing company ( Woonpunt Mechelen, BE), local energy agency (Schakelaar Brugge, BE), sustainable energy business networks (CD2E, France) and academic expertise (Universities of Exeter & Delft).

    Our observer network brings in further know-how from installation, energy and community engagement backgrounds and adds great dissemination power. Combining this expertise from 4 countries allows us to come to effective solutions with validity for all territorial and institutional contexts in the 2 Seas area.

    Calum says “Our objective is to learn from this process and then produce guidance which is useful for other local governments looking to develop a heat strategy and then implement it. The heat strategy development in the four localities is now at an advanced stage and we at this workshop we will present some of the processes followed and outputs so far achieved and introduce our plans to take the strategies further. We are keen that the guidance we are producing is as useful and widely relevant as possible for local authorities.”

    Please contact to register your interest in attending the workshop, space is limited.

    The event will take place online via Zoom and will be in English.