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    Delft University of Technology Conference

    Posted November 1, 2021

    Social Innovation: Next steps in the Energy Transition Conference

    On 18-19 November 2021, the platform on Social Innovation in the Energy Transition at Delft University of Technology is organizing its second conference: ”Social Innovation: Next steps in the Energy Transition”.

    This free conference will be held online and is open to a wide audience. 100 practitioners and scientists from all over the world will share their research findings, government plans and developments in the field of social innovation and the energy transition and engage in lively debates.

    Relevant issues in this regard include new energy sources, new technologies, new roles for producers, grid operators, consumers and citizens, new energy services, new business models, smart grids, novel governance arrangements and policies, but also new concerns and questions regarding justice and inclusiveness.

    It is possible to register as a participant until November, 17th on