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    Bruges presents its heat plan

    Posted May 24, 2021

    On Tuesday 18 May, the Flemish minister of economy and innovation Hilde Crevits came to the IVBO waste incinerator to attend the press release of the finalisation of the heat plan for Bruges and to hear more about the business plan of IVBO. They brought out the news that they will invest 20 million euro in the renovation and extension of their heating network.

    Also in the presence of the mayor and aldermen of Bruges, the heat plan was presented. The development of a heat plan in Bruges is a first robust step to set out the directions of vision and policy about sustainable heat in Bruges and to underpin scientifically this direction. It will be as well a guideline for spatial policy and concrete projects. The study showed that almost 75% of the heat demand will have to be collective, with a heat net, in 2050, looking to the total cost of ownership and other social factors.

    We can’t do this alone in Bruges and asked minister Crevits to create an alliance, a Brugan Green deal between the city and the Flemish authority to guide us with innovation, financial resources and political support. Bruges could be a living lab and show case for other historical cities how to put a heat net in the ground.

    Click here to see how the regional TV station Focus WTV reported on the event.